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- Understand yourself and type better

- Identify your recurring tidal waves

- Find meaning and direction in life

- Build discipline and healthy routines

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2pm-6pm Pacific Time, Mon-Fri


Phone, Skype, or Zoom (Audio only, we do not offer video calls at this time)

Typing Disclaimer  

We can not objectively type you from a call, we can only offer our advice and insights.  

We can help you narrow down your type over the phone.


We'd like to get to know you the best we can before our call together.

Please include the following info before our call if possible (optional):

        - A long email telling us what you are going through.  

        - Any social media links or writing you've done.

        - A 20 minute video of you talking about what is important to you in life.  


One time payment

  Current wait time:   2-4 weeks


We will email you within 24 hours

 so we can schedule our call!


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