Objective Personality

We use the scientific method to define and track the 8 Jungian Functions



We have objectively typed nearly 2,000 people since 2014 using our very specific checklist.  We use this checklist to track the strongest traits of a person. Fear and blame. This page will give you a basic understanding of what we do and how the system works.


Objective Typing  


We use a simple 4 step process to objectively determine someone’s personality type out of 512 types.  Our methods, standards, and results all follow the scientific method. Our results are measurable, repeatable, and open to peer review.   


A list of video interviews of random people are compiled by a third party and then given to the two Operators.


The two Operators are kept separate during the entire test to insure objectivity.


The two Operators are to type all people and write down the specific personality number of each person.


To conclude the test, the third party checks to see if both Operators have consistent numbers for all cases.

Our Results  


Over the years, we were surprised to find that people of the exact same 512 type/number often looked alike and had the same sexual preferences.  People of the exact same type most often have common mental and physical health issues. Below are just a few examples of what we are seeing at scale.

Type Number 25  Over 50% of the males are LGBT.

Jere Burns 25B

Greg Proops 25D

Tyler Oakley 25D

Michael Buckley 25D

Type Number 64D

Beth Ostrosky

Brooke Burns

Ali Larter

Andrea Albright

Type Number 77D  Less than 1% of the males are LGBT.  Over 50% of the females are LGBT.

William Osman

Owen Cook

John Crestani


No Facial Reading  


Just to be clear, we do not use any kind of “facial reading” when typing people.  Many times we type people by audio only and have no idea what they look like until after the results are in.  Many times people of the exact same type look alike, and sometimes they don’t. Above is just a small sample of what we are seeing at scale.  (more on our method)


Our Checklist  


Our checklist uses many sets of “binary coins”.  We use the same coins that Carl Jung discovered plus a few more that follow the same structure.  The strongest thing we track is what people fear and blame. The controlling person can’t hide the fact that they fear chaos.  The selfish person can't hide that they fear tribe retaliation. The factual person can’t hide that they disrespect the abstract.  The feminine person can’t hide that they are not masculine, etc.   

64A) FM-Te/Se-PC/S(B)

*This is a sample Operator checklist.  Not intended for public use.

How This Works: The Basics  


We start with the 4 quarters of the brain.  We don’t take these 4 quarters “literally” because science has shown that the brain is not this simple.  We use the terms defined by these 4 theoretical quarters. These are the “4 Letters” that Carl Jung proposed.  Everyone has two Observers (S & N) and two Deciders (F & T). You can have an “Introvert or Extrovert charge” to each of the 4 Letters depending on your type.  

4 Letters  



When an Introvert or Extrovert charge is added to the Letters, Functions are created.  For example F + e = Fe. Every Function has an opposite side of the coin. The opposite of Fe is Ti.  There are 4 Function coins total. Fe/Ti, Te/Fi, Ne/Si, Se/Ni. 



16 Function Combinations  


As shown above, there are 4 Letters (S, F, T, N) that all can have an Introvert or Extrovert charge to them.  For example, everyone has Feeling (F) but you may have Fi or Fe. The other difference in people is the order of consciousness of these Letters/Functions.  For example, if you have Fi, you can have that as a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Function. Generally speaking, the higher the Function, the more conscious it is. When you take into account all these variables (4 Letters x I/E = 8 Functions) plus the order of consciousness, you get a total of 16 type combinations.  These 16 types are the Carl Jung and Myers-Briggs original 16 types.

Human Needs  


Tony Robbins has been talking about the 4 Human Needs for decades.  We have found that these 4 Human Needs correspond directly to Carl Jung’s 8 Functions.  We all have the need to know who we are (Identity, Fi & Ti). We all want to have the freedom to learn and explore (Gather, Se & Ne).  We all want to have control over our lives (Organize, Si & Ni). We all want to get validation for the work we do (Tribe, Te & Fe). We all have these 4 Human Needs, the question simply is, what order do you have them in?

Saviors & Demons  


We all have one Savior Decider (F or T) and one Savior Observer (S or N).  A Savior Function is your dominant preferred Function. A Demon Function is a Function that you don’t respect.  Notice, this is not about “ability” but rather respect. We see the interaction of the Functions much like “muscle imbalances”.  We all favor one hand over the other even though we all use both hands, same idea here. You will favor Gathering (Se or Ne) over Organizing (Si or Ni) or the other way around.  You will favor helping the tribe (Te or Fe) before yourself (Fi or Ti) or the other way around. Simply put, you will starve one Function to feed the other.

IxxP: Identity

ExxJ: Tribe

IxxJ: Organize

ExxP: Gather

Combining Saviors  


We have found from our research, that roughly half the population have their 1st and 2nd Functions as their Saviors.  This is simply the Myers-Briggs 16 types. Remember, Functions are simply the 4 Letters above with an Introverted or Extroverted charge to them.  A personality “type” is just referring to the two dominant (Savior) Functions of an individual.

16 Types



One of the many reasons why the Myers-Briggs 16 types can’t be measured objectively is that the other 50% of the population has their 1st and 3rd Functions as their Saviors.  This is the beginning of the unfolding of the spectrum of personality types. Carl Jung said that there were surely more than just 16 types once the code begins to unfold.

32 Types

Animals: Savior Combinations


The Functions are only parts that work together for a greater system and that system is the Animals.  The Animals are very simple and define how someone lives their life. When you combine Savior Functions they produce the Animals.  Just like the Functions, everyone has two Savior Animals and two Demon Animals. This is what we cover extensively in the Member's Library.

Unfolding The Code  


Notice the original Myers-Briggs 16 types highlighted in white below.  Only a small percentage of the population really relate to the standard Myers-Briggs 16 types/profiles.  Most people fall somewhere on the edges of the bell curve. For example, you may be an INFJ that is extremely Introverted because you are Ni/Ti-Sleep/Consume.  Or you could be an INFJ that is extremely Extroverted because you are Ni/Fe-Blast/Play. The personality code as far as we can see it unfolds from 16 types to 32, 64, 128, 256, 512.

32 x 16 = 512  


We won’t get into this here, but there is also a measurable sexual nature to the Functions that we can track.  This is how and why we are able to track things like gender and sexual preference. The bottom line is, if you are an “INFJ” you must now ask, “Which of the 32 INFJs am I?”  When you find your EXACT type on the full 512 spectrum is when you will find people that are virtually twins of yourself as pictured above.

Tidal Waves  


We all have recurring “tidal waves” in our lives.  They feel like a never ending “groundhogs day” where we keep reliving the same problems over and over.  No matter how hard you work to solve them, they always come back. Year after year they grow worse and worse.  Many people simply give up and stop fighting by the time they hit 30. Why keep trying when you’ve tried everything only to end up back where you started?

The most important thing about all that fancy info above is that it’s the key to breaking out of your recurring life problems.  For every unconscious strength you have, you are leaving an unconscious void somewhere in the Universe. The person who helps everyone in life leaves nothing for themselves.  The controlling person over focusing in one area becomes blind to the reality around them. The overactive freedom seeking person forces others to control them. The self important person doesn’t work with others, so the tribe leaves them behind.  Again, these Function imbalances are what we are tracking when objectively typing people.

Know Yourself  


The strangest thing about all this is you can see your friends and family trapped in their tidal waves, but you can’t see your own.  How can you see what you can’t see? How can you become conscious of the unconscious? How can you conquer these problems in your life that keep happening?  You have to know in reality what type you really are. Just like the muscle imbalance analogy, you have to know exactly which Functions are overactive and which ones need to be strengthened.

How To Learn More


As we said in the beginning, we have only been doing this since 2014, so we have many years of work ahead of us before we take this to the next level.  Our current goal is to teach more people our objective personality system. We have an active YouTube channel as well as a weekly class.

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