Unlisted YouTube Video Instructions

5-15 minutes long

The Basics  

- We just need a video of you talking for 5-15 minutes so we can get to know you a bit.

- You can record this from your phone and send it to us unedited, keep it casual.  

- Send us your video by pasting the Unlisted YouTube URL in the form above. 


What To Say   

- Just tell us about yourself so we can get a quick, yet accurate idea of who you are.  

- Below are some questions you can use to get you going.

- You do not need to answer all of them or go in any order.


1) Tell us about your average day and week. 

2) Tell us what is important to you in life right now. 

3) Tell us about some of the hardest times in life and how you got through them.

4) Tell us what your ideal life and business goals are for the next 5 years.

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