Operator Program

Location: Portland OR

Become one of the first people in the world to objectively type personality.  Become a full time OPS Operator.

Ideal Experience 

Has entrepreneur tendencies and/or experience (eBay preferred). 

Has some social media knowledge and/or experience. 

Has some knowledge of MBTI and Carl Jung.    


Ideal Traits 

Has a strong drive to do something meaningful with their life.

Has a humble spirit that wants to work in a team environment.    

Has a growth mindset and can learn through failure. 



Our business is still in the "foundation stage" so you will be doing a bit of everything.

As long as you have the desire to learn, we can provide the training.

- Home & office maintenance 

- Groceries & errands 

- Security & well being of team 

- Data entry 

- Video editing

- Customer support 

- Research & reports

- Building an eBay business 

- Building personality profiles at scale 

- Teaching and leading students

- Social media and public speaking


- Live & work in the Portland OR area 

- Have an OR or WA driver's license 

- 18 or older

- Drug free

- Good writing skills 

- Google Docs / Excel 

- Basic social media skills

- Basic sales experience

- Lift 50 lbs

- Able to walk 2 miles 

- Not afraid of working on a roof

- Not afraid of working under a house

Positions Available (Portland, OR only) 

- Internship, 4-10 hr/wk

- Part Time, 10-30 hr/wk, $20/hr

- Full Time, 50+ hr/wk, $5,000/mo


Application Process      

You might be the exact person we are looking for, it doesn't hurt to apply. 

Fill out the application below and look for a response from us within 48 hours.



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