Operator Program

Location: Portland OR

Become one of the first people in the world to objectively type personality.  Become a full time OPS Operator.

About Us  

- We are a startup that is looking to build a team of 8-10 founders.

- Our long term goal is to type personality at scale for individuals and businesses.

- In order to do this, we need to produce 512 objective personality profiles for each of the types. 


Who We Are Looking For    

- Ego Death:  Sees and believes that their Saviors are the cause of their life's problems.

- Humility:  Eagerly wants to start at the bottom, so they can build and earn their way up.

- Entrepreneur-Minded:  Driven person who accepts pressure and building over time. 

- Team Player:   Wants to be a part of a team so they can triangulate where their weaknesses are.


Minimum Requirements

- Live & work in the Portland OR area 

- Have an OR or WA driver's license 

- 18 or older

- Drug free

- Good writing skills 

- Google Docs / Excel 

- Basic social media skills

- Basic sales experience

- Lift 50 lbs

- Able to walk 2 miles 

- Not afraid of working on a roof

- Not afraid of working under a house

Operator Responsibilities (training provided)

- Home & office maintenance 

- Groceries & errands 

- Child care (9 year old) 

- Security & well being of team

- Data entry 

- Video editing

- Customer support 

- Research & reports

- Building an eBay business 

- Building personality profiles at scale 

- Teaching and leading new recruits

- Social media and public speaking

The Operator Application Process

- You must pass the 3 month part time position before you become eligible for the full time position. 

- Below are the 4 steps to becoming a full time member here:

1/4) Application Process (1-4 weeks) 

- Fill out the application and if accepted, we will set up an interview with you.

- The interview process is done by email, phone, and in person. 


2/4) Part Time Assistant (3 months)     

- We require all potential applicants to complete 3 months as a part time assistant.

- You will be given tasks and graded on how well you perform them compared to other applicants. 


3/4) Operator Tryouts (7 days)       

- This is a voluntary 7 day "hell week" to weed out those who can't take the long term stress. 

- Physical exhaustion, and constant pressure are used to encourage the uncommitted to quit. 


4/4) Full Time Position     

- If you make it through the above 3 steps, you will be offered a full time paid position.

- Full time pay starts at $4,000/mo, plus commissions (housing included if needed).  


Additional Info    

- If accepted, expect 2-6 years of full time training before you can pass the OPT-100.

- Expect training to be 99% fundamentals (physical labor, discipline, consistency, and teamwork). 

- Recommended study:  David Goggins, Jocko Willink, and the BUDS Class 234 Documentary.

Apply for the local part time assistant position to start 

your process of becoming a full time OPS Operator.




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