Objective Personality Test

Using the scientific method to measure the 8 Jungian Functions.

The Problem    

Personality psychology has always been considered a soft science at best and a pseudoscience at worst.  A reason for this is that there is not a measurable, objective, consistent way to track personality at scale.  For example, if you put the two very best personality practitioners in separate rooms and asked them to determine the personality type of the same 20 people, they would get very inconsistent results from each other.  Historically, medical doctors even have a hard time agreeing with each other when put to these kinds of tests.  Because there are no universally agreed upon terms and standards, the personality field has become a breeding ground of inconsistent results.  This inconsistency has forced the scientific community to reject personality types as a science.  


The Gurus  

We personally see many personality practitioners in our field of Jungian Functions that are drunk on the subjective method.  They answer to no one but themselves and have fallen deep into subjective pseudoscience methods and don’t even realize it (or care).  They are offended whenever they are asked to follow any kind of objective, accountable, scientific method.  Sadly, just as history shows, because they have chosen to take the easy way, their work will never go anywhere.  The next 100 years will be just like the last 100 years… Self proclaimed gurus telling the people what they want to hear for the sake of short term gain.  


The Challenge  

Anyone can “type people” if they only have to convince themselves.  These personality gurus take advantage of personality not being a hard science and set themselves up as some kind of self proclaimed authority.  We challenge any personality group of any kind to simply put their two very best people in opposite rooms so they can’t influence each other and type the same list of 20 people.  What you will find is exactly what the MBTI critics have been saying for decades… they can’t do it.  Let me make this clear, no matter how good a personality group or person claims to be at personality typing, when put to this objective test (or any kind of objective test) they will fail.


Higher Standard   

To become an Objective Personality Operator and pass the OPT-100 takes dying to that self-serving, subjective bullshit that is inside all of us.  This is 99% of your training and takes years of daily pain to overcome the natural reflexes to jump to biases and projecting, to protect the ego.  To be one of the only people in the world to objectively track personality at 90% or higher requires an elite level of work ethic and pain tolerance.  The OPT-Tests are our dividing ground between subjective and objective.    


The OPT-100     

The OPT-100 was first instituted in 2014 and is the self regulating standard we use to test for objective results.   In order to ensure diligence to the scientific method we require anyone claiming to have consistent objective results in typing personality to pass the OPT-100 with a score of 90/100 or higher.  This is the minimum requirements.  The testing procedure for the OPT goes as follows:

1) A list of video interviews of random people are compiled by a third party and then given to the two Operators.

2) The two Operators must be kept separate during the entire test to ensure objectivity.

3) The two Operators are to type all people and write down the specific personality number of each person.

4) To conclude the test, the third party checks to see if both Operators have consistent numbers for all cases.

Passing the OPT-100   

The chances of the two Operators getting the same number for just one person is 1/512.  The chances of the two Operators getting the same number as each other several times in a row is greater than 1 in a million.  The two Operators must type 100 people (this takes months) in a controlled environment, and have at least 90/100 people the exact same personality number in order to pass.  This takes at least 2-6 years of training with the team to accomplish.  


Why This is so Hard  

Think about it… what would it really be like if you had to sit in a room and type 100 people for months on end?  You have to watch 4-20 hours of each person to be certain of their personality number.  If you determined that Sally was number 399/512, how would you be certain your partner in the other room also got the same number for Sally?  


Furthermore, what do you do when you come across a person who is an absolute psycho… and it turns out they are the exact same personality type as you?  Your brain will do what everyone’s brain does, and that is to make that person some other personality type.  Your ego will not allow you to see yourself in such a negative light.  If you are really that bad (which you are) then the tribe should kill you off (our default unconscious brain logic).


We have found that the age old statement of “don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement” to be true.  When you are typing clients at scale you have to watch hours of abuse, depression, cutting, suicide, drug addiction, sexual struggles, and death.  To really get to know a person, you must know their darkness.  The catch is, once your heart rate increases, your natural biases kick on.  It doesn’t take much to be off just one number out of 512.  


Operator Training Program  

We have a strict application process that weeds out the quitters as fast as possible.  Only the very best recruits are offered an Operator Training Program contract.  The far majority of the training program is to teach recruits how to master their natural fear, pain, and biases.  We quickly find out what each student's greatest fears are, and focus on overcoming those one at a time.  This is “simple” but not easy.  Without getting into alot of detail, the first 6 months is a kind of “detox”.  The addiction to the Savior Functions must die in order for true growth to come.

The average day in training looks something like this:  You get up early and do workouts with the team. After a quick 5 minute cold shower, you meet for breakfast.  You eat slow and with your mouth open so for the first few weeks you'll have to dig in the ditch for that. Soon you'll learn that every minute counts around here and you don't want to be the one holding everyone up.  After breakfast we then have a meeting to plan our day and go to work.  


Your work day is the "easy" part as you'll be doing physical construction, research, chores, problem solving, and most likely, more ditch digging.  During the day you are also being yelled at because you are continuously in your head feeling sorry for yourself. You can't do a simple task without fucking it up because you are too afraid to fail.  The unrelenting pressure has you in a negative spiral and you're starting to question why you are here.


Evenings are usually for mental and emotional processing.  The goal of the day is to break you down, and the evenings are to give you the tools so you can learn to sort things out.  You are going to go through the same process we did to overcome our fears of the inner and outer world. Day in, day out, it's all the same grind.  Month after month, year after year, until you are done with fear and weakness. Remember, your ONLY problem is your addiction to your Saviors (which is what produces the fear).  Once you learn to use your Demons and the team to track reality, things turn around real fast.



The bad news is to fully overcome your natural fear and biases takes daily pain and sacrifice.  The good news is that this is done just one small step at a time, over a long period of time.  We understand that students will repeatedly fail at the same challenges for months until they finally get it (we went through the same thing).  Students start by getting some tools to deal with their fears, then some new skills on how to solve problems.  


Oddly enough, the easiest part of the training is learning the damn personality information.  Once the war within is won, learning anything becomes attainable.  To build up to the OPT-100, students start with the OPT-4.  They are given 4 people to type and must determine which one is the IxxP, ExxJ, IxxJ, ExxP.  This is easy and helps students learn how to win at the small steps.  Then they move up to the OPT-8, OPT-16, OPT-32, etc.  Each step a new “coin” of the personality code is introduced.  Through thousands of hours and reps, you'll slowly start to see the patterns for yourself.     

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