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We are a self-funded, full-time research team based in Portland, Oregon.  We use the scientific method to define and track personality on a spectrum of 512 types.  We have objectively typed over 2500 people since 2014. You can read about our methods and discoveries on this page:  Objective Personality System.


In early 2018, we opened up our material to the public in the form of a weekly "class".  Every Tuesday and Thursday we share with our members our current methods and research. Many like-minded people from around the world have joined in the further study of tracking personality objectively.  If you are already a student of Carl Jung's 8 Functions and the 16 types, you will know many of the parts we use: Basic Overview.  

Topics Include



Sensing, Feeling, Thinking, Intuition


Introvert & Extrovert   

Personal opinions, social spectrum

Social Temperaments  



Observers & Deciders  

Ni, Ne, Si, Se, Fi, Ti, Fe, Te

Human Needs   

Identity, Tribe, Gather, Organize


IxxP, IxxJ, ExxP, ExxJ


Sleep, Consume, Blast, Play


Masculine & Feminine  

Solid and shovey, open and moveable



Are the classes live?    

Classes are recorded (not live) and are archived in the Member’s Library forever.


What is the content of the classes?    

Tuesday:  Classes are 40-50 minutes long on how we identify the Functions of celebrities.

Thursday:  We answer questions on various topics including the personality code.


What if I need to cancel?  

When you are logged into the class click on “Account” in the top right corner.  


Is Video Typing available?

You must be a member of the class for at least 90 days to purchase Video Typing.


What if I have more questions?  

We have a variety of ways you can contact us. See our Questions page for more details.


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DISCLAIMER.  This is not a typical "personality class".  There is no homework, grading, or certificates of any kind.  We do not have complete definitions, explanations, or profiles at this time.  It is not our responsibility to help you learn, understand, or believe this information in any way shape or form.  Learning to objectively type personality takes years of training with at least one partner using the scientific method.  It is not our responsibility in any way shape or form to solve your personal issues. This is beta, work in progress, you are joining our research online through what we are referring to as a "class".  For more information on our policies and procedures see our Questions page.

LIABILITY.  We are not doctors or medical professionals of any kind.  You are paying to receive our personal advice.  We are not held liable or responsible to any results or lack of results, including loss of finances, time, or loss of life from taking our advice.  By using our website and/or services you are agreeing to our Terms and Policies.

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