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If you have tried and not succeeded to contact us for Account issues

over the past few months, this includes cancellations, please send us a new email HERE.

We found out recently that Wix Forms have intermittently not been working for a small percentage of people.

We've moved from Wix Forms to Google Forms in the meantime while they sort this out.

Thanks for your patience! ❤️Shan

Video Playback Issues?


These are the top 3 reasons why:     

A) Browser security issues

          - Hit the refresh button on your browser (This solves it most of the time)

          - Clear your cache

          - Try another browser

B) Browser extensions (mostly ad blocking or security extensions)

C) ISP blocking Vimeo or other internet videos

If you are still experiencing an account issue, send us an email on the CONTACT FORM below. 

Account Questions

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Video Typing      

You must be a member of the class for at least 90 days to access this service.  

Demand is high and we only accept a small number each month.

Getting typed is a commitment, so we only recommend signing up if you understand the process. 


We are currently not accepting calls from the public at this time. 

Dave will sometimes offer calls to his above audio-clients (no guarantees).


Right To Cancel Service  

We reserve the right to cancel your membership or typing service at any time, without notice or explanation, if we feel that continuing in the process is causing emotional distress.  To appeal a cancellation, send us an email on the CONTACT FORM below.


Client Privacy

As a company policy, we never share Video Typing clients' Google Docs, videos, audios, emails, or ANY material shared with us for the purpose of typing. But, if you have personally shared your own information publicly on the internet such as a public Facebook group or YouTube interview, we may use your information in a class or share it with other clients to help others better understand their own type.  The only thing we save of Video typing clients  is a picture of you, your name, and your YouTube video.  No personal data of yours is saved.  


Open Source  

As just one small team, we are going to have many voids, limitations, and blindspots.  As the community grows, it's only natural to have new groups form and split off.  We want to encourage anyone who sees how they can fill a void we are leaving to freely use our information to start their own research team and/or business. 


The OP System


Where We Started  

We started off just as everyone else in the personality community, believing that I know myself best when it comes to personality typing.  "I just need to find that personality test and profile that I resonate with.  People don't understand me, and I just need to find who I really am, and then I can truly know and follow my passion."  What got us to move away from the subjective methods is when we started to move towards some form of objective measurability.    


What We Now Believe  

We don't like it either, but our findings forced us into seeing just how subjective we (humans) really are.  We can all see it in others, but we all deep down don't think that we are that delusional.  For example, the controlling old person in your life, sees themself as a free loving spirit.  That person sees themselves as the victim and everyone else is picking on them.  The more you try and tell the controlling person that it's them, the more they will see you as the controlling person.  This "can't see self" and "project on others what you are doing" is not happening a little bit.  This seems to be the majority of the human experience.  Our data leads us to believe that we are all born with genetic fears, and these fears are what drive us in life.  If you know someone's fears, you can understand what they are doing and why.  


We Reject  

We therefore reject the methods of the current subjective, pseudoscience personality space.  Everything from Myers Briggs all the way down to Astrology.  Any system that uses subjective self tests, self assessments, or self resonating profiles is not scientific just as the scientific community has been saying for decades.  We reject any "certification" that is only based on paying money and taking a class.  We reject any and all personality systems that in some way do not track or measure some kind of data that can be falsified.     


Our Process   

The dividing line between us and all other personality systems is that we are using some form of the scientific method (excluding the BIG 5).  Our process is pretty simple:

1) We (Dave & Shan) pick someone to type (client or celebrity).  

2) We then have to both agree that we have more than enough video that we can use. 

3) A "good video" is where the person is telling a story about the struggles in their life.

4) We then independently, without influencing each other (separate rooms) go to work typing this person.

5) Our theory is there are 9 genetic coins that we define on our checklist.

6) We simply go down our checklist marking down which of each binary coin is this person dominant in. 

7) We then compare our results to see if we got most of the 9 coins the same as each other.

8) When we are off, we go back to our checklist and improve our definitions and typing procedures. 


Statistical Authority  

Over time our typing process has gotten better and better.  At first we could never get the same type as each other.  Years later, with lots of revisions, we started to get 60% the same as each other.  Today, after typing thousands of people, we get closer to 90%.  The chances of two people getting the same type out of 512 one time, is a 1/512 chance.  The chances of us getting the same type out of 512 most of the time (60-90%) with over 5,000 people we've typed, is more than a 1 in trillions chance.  All we are saying is that what we are doing here is statistically impossible if we are just using subjectivity and luck.  


Errors & Accuracy  

At this time, when we are off, it's usually on the Sexuals or the Animal order.  For example, one of us might get FF-Se/Fi-CP/S(B) and the other might get MF-Se/Fi-CS/P(B).  The Saviors and first Animal have so many crosschecks, so it's hard for us to get those off.  When it comes to the 9 genetic coins, some are easier to track than others.  Which is why we will sometimes get 7/9 coins the same compared to 9/9 coins if we were to have more time with this person.  Errors are expected, tracked, and are factored in.  Errors are part of the feedback that is driving up our accuracy as we learn from them over time.         


The Dividing Line   

The "typing people in separate rooms game" is the dividing line with our method.  Most people seem to understand this just fine and go on their way.  A few people are understandably skeptical, and say there is no way we are getting those kinds of numbers.  On the forums you will see people rather upset about our system.  What we are claiming here is very scary at first.  We are claiming that the reason we can type people so consistently is because we are tracking their unconscious fears.  This is not so much of a "Do you understand our process?" issue, as it is a, "How are you processing the negativity of this?" issue.      


Data Tracking Process   

The only information we are currently collecting about people is their name, a single picture of their face, and any YouTube videos of them.  What we are interested in is the ancient subjective story of your exact 512 type.  If we only have one person of your exact type, then we don't have much statistical data to tell you about your type.  But, as we get 10, 20, 50 people of your exact type, that's where the data gets really interesting.  You would think your life is unique, but what we are finding is everything about you is often very similar to people of your exact type.  So you are "unique" compared to everyone else on the 512 spectrum, but pretty much have the exact same driving forces as everyone else of your exact 512 type. 


Physical Traits  

To give some specific details, what we are tracking in our data is people of the same or similar type, tend to have many physical features in common.  Such as, hair color, baldness, curliness, facial features, upward or downturned eyes, nose shape and size, teeth size and arrangement, TMJ, lisps, high or low in testosterone and estrogen, height, weight, muscle mass, coordination, etc.  Your "type twins" not only often look like you, but they also have a high chance of having the same disorders such as, ADHD, OCD, neuroticism, depression, anxiety, etc.  People of the same type tend to have the same physical health issues as well.  


Gender Spectrum  

Our data is also strongly tracking a gender spectrum.  For example, we have over 50 male MF-Ne/Fi's typed, and 49 of them are heterosexual.  For the females of that type, we have about 20 of them typed, and less than half of them are heterosexual.  (Most are bi, gay, trans, etc).  As we get more people typed, we are seeing "heterosexual" clustering around in certain types.  So if you are gay, there is a high chance that other people if your exact 512 type also have the same sexual preference.   


Genetic Fears  

The twin-strangers doppelgänger dynamic of this system is very interesting.  The people of the LGBTQ+ community have been saying exactly what our data suggests.  But the most powerful aspect of all this, is knowing what your genetic fear is that is driving your life.  We are all running from the pain of control, chaos, others, or self hate to some degree.  


Future Profiles   

Our goal over the years is to build up our skills, team, and data to where we can have over 100 people typed of each of the 512 types (x2 for male and female).  What we want to be able to offer people in the future is a personality profile based on data and statistics.  "Hello Sally, we typed you as number 124/512 and we currently have 173 people of that exact type on file.  There is a 60% chance you are not straight, have red hair, are of average height, a bit on the athletic side, etc.  There is a 45% chance you have a tattoo of something with specific writing on your forearm.  There is a 85% chance your political views are towards the left."  The amount of predictable variables we can track is in the hundreds at this point.  Think of it much like a 23&Me genetic personality profile.  The more people we type, the more the data grows. 


Foundational Priorities First           

Because we are in this for the long run, we are not interested in running to "science" or "big business" and cashing out now.  There is years of foundational work that's needed to be done to build and support something like this.  We are currently "riding the brake" as hard as we can in advertising and hope we stay small for at least a few more years.  


OPS Critics  

"We are putting people in boxes;  We are telling people to focus only on their weaknesses and ignore their strengths;  We are typing people wrong;  We should be doing XYZ more if our system is real, etc."  We accept that the burden of truth is on us and we will continue to improve our system and presentations over time.  We also accept that there will always be people that strongly oppose and misunderstand our system.  This is understandable, this happens to everyone in all fields of study.  


The Objective Challenge  

What is interesting to see from people or groups that strongly oppose us, is they will never try doing anything objective themselves.  Most people that push hard against our system, have their own system they keep trying to convince us to move over to.  If you have such friends, simply ask them to objectively type 20 people with their system, with one other person.  Take the best two people of any personality system (Enneagram, Myers Briggs, Socionics, etc) and put them in separate rooms and type 20 people.  If they try this (which they won't) they would not be able to crack the 40% consistency mark.


Customer Support   

Our goal is to get the same type as each other, NOT explain or convince the client.   We understand the demand for customer support and coaching.  This is something that we are working on building over the years to come.  For now, other than our videos, we can not help individuals through the typing and processing process.  Use our services and materials at your own risk and responsibility.

We are no longer accepting personal questions through email.

If you have an account related question, send us an email through

If you have any personal or general questions,

you can submit them through the Live Show Questions Page.


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